Total support of call center and repair services 【TS-PRO】

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“Cheap, fast and reliable” - that's our motto!

 Low-cost operations (we are cheap!)
TS-PRO specializes in after-sales services for technological products and conducts highly efficient operations in pursuit of factory-like productivity. This means your company can make use of our services for everything from product installation through to advanced matters, in turn cutting out unnecessary costs.
Through our coordinated call centers and repair centers, we prevent you from wasting your time and money.

 Immediate establishment of call centers and repair centers (we are fast!)
With databases including CTI (Computer Telephony Integration - a customer management system) at our call centers and in-house construction and customization of all kinds of systems required for repair work and logistics, you can be up and running in virtually no time at all.

 Reliable support system based on vast experience and technological expertise (we are reliable!)
From the analog era into the digital age, the technology used in products is becoming more sophisticated every year thanks to new technological innovations. At TS-PRO, we offer support for everything from general consumer electronics to personal computers and mobile phones so that you can apply our advanced technological strength to the processes required by manufacturers.
Not only are we able to deliver actual repair work, but we also offer support through advice on the construction of service systems featuring all kinds of quality-related activities, including product inspection, evaluation, and modification work.
We also offer advice on matters that are difficult for companies outside of Japan to understand, such as ways of interacting with volume sellers in the Japanese market and methods of improving product quality and coping with quality-related problems in the Japanese market.

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