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Total Support System

Using expertise and technological strength gained from our origin as a manufacturer, we offer a one-stop service for all kinds of work, from product pre-sales through to after-sales services. The market quality information and marketing information obtained through these processes is used as valuable data in the development of new product versions.
There are various specialist call center companies and repair companies in Japan, but TS-PRO is the only company to offer a complete package comprising call centers and repair centers. There are tremendous cost-saving effects to be had when consigning your products to one firm rather than to various companies; customer satisfaction can be improved through high performance after-sales services, and your company's business management costs can be reduced.

An agency operating your call center

[1] Customer support service
This service provides support for inquiries from end-users via telephone, e-mail, fax, etc.
You can start from a minimal system at minimal cost - TS-PRO currently deals with some 15,000 cases every month!
[2] Support service for bringing products to market
We offer a complete range of services including production and proofreading of instruction manuals, product evaluation of pre-production samples, and pre-sales acceptance inspection.
[3] Data mining service
We aggregate and process all kinds of data obtained through our customer support and repair services. Therefore, we are able to apply marketing knowledge to new product versions and conduct activities to improve customer satisfaction through plans for enhanced product quality.

An agency for repairs of consumer electronics, AV equipment and other electronic products

We conduct repair work on all kinds of electronic products. After inquiring about the symptoms of defects, we offer repair support by replacing units or by repairing discrete components through disassembly.

Examples of products supported by this service
General AV equipment Mini hi-fi systems, DVD players, HDD recorders, projectors, video cameras, digital liquid crystal televisions, terrestrial digital broadcasting tuners
PC-related equipment All kinds of personal computers, MP3 players, SD-audio equipment, digital cameras, etc.
General consumer electronics Coffeemakers, espresso machines, toasters, ovens, wine cellars, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, all kinds of heating units, humidifiers, electric fans, microwaves, etc.
Car electronics One-Seg tuners, navigation systems, amplifiers, liquid crystal monitors, etc.
Special AV equipment High-end audio, business-use AV equipment, etc.
Other products All recording media, power extension cords, headphones, mobile phones, etc.

High density circuit board repair service

High density circuit board repairs and modifications
When defective products (circuits, software, devices, etc.) are identified in Japan and products have to be returned to their country of manufacture, this often results in requests from the Japanese market not being met in a timely manner.
TS-PRO can take care of regular and exceptional work to alleviate all kinds of difficulties relating to circuit board reworking, from modification and repair of defective circuit boards and products (we even accept jobs for single boards and small lots) through to repair of circuit boards for re-use.

Examples of repairs and modifications
(1) Replacement of chips and discrete parts through design changes
(2) Replacement of main CPU, memory IC, etc.
(3) Rewriting of embedded software
(4) Modifications for wiring and installation mistakes, etc.
(5) Removal of underfill and cleaning of circuit boards
(6) Detachment and installation of BGA/CSP-type IC
(7) Reballing of detached BGA
(8) Wiring checks and soldering status analysis using x-ray equipment

Product inspection and evaluation
For companies that would like product evaluations and performance tests to be performed before launching a developed and manufactured product in Japan, TS-PRO offers all kinds of tests at reasonable prices thanks to its use of equipment that is owned and maintained by our company.
We can also offer advice regarding the test items demanded by Japan's volume sellers.

Thermal shock tests Temperature cycle tests based on four cycles between -25 and +85℃
Low temperature tests Operation testing with product left in fixed low temperatures (e.g.: -10℃) for 8 hours
Operation testing in low temperature environment Operation testing in low temperatures (e.g.:-10℃)
High temperature tests Operation testing with product left in fixed high temperatures (e.g.: +60℃) for 8 hours
Operation testing in high temperature environment Operation testing in high temperatures (e.g.:+60℃)
Power voltage fluctuation and operating range tests Measurement of actual operating margin in specified power voltage range
Operation start time tests Measurement of time between supply of electricity and start of operation
Continuous control action tests Testing with product left in electric current for long time (e.g. 24 hours)
Vibration test Operation testing after excitation periods of 2 hours for both 2G and XYZ directions (15Hz-150Hz)

Product recall support counter
In Japan, if defects are identified in products, administrative rules generally dictate that full product recalls must be enforced. Recall support requires systems for telephone information support, collection of defective products, support for collected defective products, support when product-related incidents occur, and so on. At TS-PRO, we offer all of the systems required by the Japanese market.
Telephone support system
TS-PRO offers low-cost and flexible support by utilizing its resources to supply personnel for the period during which a running system is required, beginning with a large-scale system immediately after a product-related announcement has been made.
Collection system
We can build collection systems to cover the whole of Japan, relaying to logistics contractors the addresses for collections received via telephone support. We also offer support for packaging boxes that are required, and we deal with any packaging-related problems that may arise when collecting products.
Support system for defective products
Repairs and quality inspections for collected defective products are executed according to manufacturer-specified operation procedures and products are returned posthaste. TS-PRO also offers flexible support for product exchanges and purchases on a case-by-case basis.
We produce reports on telephone support status, recovery rates, and all kinds of quality-related information and claim-related information that are generated during workflow sequences.

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